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Kevin left behind a chance at the NBA to coach delinquents, but his toughest assignment is finding a girl who won't make his mama's church group fall into praying mode. A teacher and a poet, Antoine can make a sister feel beautiful—or want to beat him with a blow dryer. Tyrone has talent, a bad attitude, and a crush on his boss's wife. And Maurice is all that, if "that" means rude, arrogant, and dishonest. Kevin's got the looks. Antoine's got heart and soul. Tyrone's got the skills. And Maurice has got player moves. They got it all, except for the one thing that matters most—the love of a good woman. What they find when they call1-900-BLACK LUV is a riotous trip through religious freaks, hootchie mamas, chicken heads, gold diggers, and some serious Brides of Funkenstein. One thing's for certain—when you play the game of love, you've got to be ready for anything. As funny as it gets, Lookin' For Luv tells it like it is about modern romance, where every call is a chance to lose your mind—or find your soul mate.