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Savvy, smart Kyle runs a booming African-American beauty supply business, but his main job is hiding his wife from the sistahs who would skin him alive for marrying a woman like her. Easy-going Allen can please his bossy Mama and his gold-digging fiancée—just not at the same time. Big-hearted Wil's got a wife with a mouth so big she should consider a career in broadcasting. And smooth and sexy Jay's "the man"—not only for his wife, but for all the other lovely ladies he can't resist. Lifelong friends Kyle, Allen, Wil, and Jay are finding out that marriage means more than acting like the Huxtables. When each one is shown the door by his furious woman, the result is a rowdy romp through sleazy hotels, divorce court, jail, and Viagra—all in the arms of old flames, young things, and cutie pies. As the friends fend off strippers, trippers, psycho ex-football players, and stuff too freaky to mention, they know there's one thing they can always count on...each other. Sassy, spirited, and smart-tongued, Married Men takes the battle of the sexes to a whole new playing field, where the goal is staying true to your own game and still doing right by the woman you love.